National Council Direct Mail

The National Direct Mail Program

In July of 2014 a new national direct mail program was announced.  The program was developed as an “acquisition” program to attract a significant number of new donors to the National Council and the participating top Councils.  

Benefits to the top Council’s:

  • No cost to participate.  The National Council covers all of the upfront costs.
  • Net revenues will be shared 50/50 between the local Council and National Council with the donations being tracked by (Arch) Diocesan zip codes.
  • Local donor information will be shared after one year. These donors may be added to the local Councils communication efforts,
    just not solicited by the  local Council  direct  mail program (until the end of year two).
  • The local Council donors/members may be purged from the national direct mail mailings, should the Council choose to do so.
  • Councils must OPT IN to the program, which can be done at any time.

For more information, please contact Nathan Martin at: [email protected] 

Mail Dates
March (Lenten appeal)
May (Summer appeal)
August/September (Fall appeal)
November (Christmas appeal)